What is the procedure for student equipment check-in and check-out?

Chromebooks and other instructional equipment are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis to check out. Students are screened to make sure they are current students, are registered and fully paid for classes before equipment is issued. Communication is through the students college email account. (ie. .

Who should check out equipment
Our goal is to prioritize students who do not have a device to access online classes. With limited supplies, we are prioritizing students who have paid tuition and fees. 


New Request

A student needs to fill out the Equipment Check out form and await confirmation in their Shoreline Community College email, that the equipment is available.  Complete an equipment request form


Continuing Students 

As each quarter comes to an end, if the student plans to register for the next quarter and they want to keep using the equipment they have checked out, we ask that they once again fill out the form Equipment Check Out  but this time check the box that says "Extend Check out".  This allows the college to document the student has permission to continue to keep the equipment through the next quarter and update our records. 

Returning equipment
Use the same Complete an equipment request form however, please check the "Return" box and fill in the form. it will give instructions on where to bring the equipment back to. Usually the Library Circulation Desk in the 4000 building on campus.

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